Ingredients for a Financial A-Team

Are you used to trusting a financial advisor with all your retirement planning? It takes much more than that to devise a great retirement plan. You’ll need a financial A-Team to carve the perfect retirement plan so you can enjoy the blissful retirement of your desire. We’ve created this recipe so you can find your perfect A-Team!

First, you’ll need a financial consultant. This is the backbone of your team and can mold your plan to meet your retirement goals. This person should coordinate with the rest of the team to ensure the plan is working properly. Your financial consultant will review statements, answer any questions regarding the account(s), and give expert advice. While searching, look for a fiduciary, meaning they’re required to work in YOUR best interest. Finding someone with the right credentials that you trust can be tedious, but it is important to look for a personal connection. This can give you confidence in the consultant, something you’ll want when trusting your future to a stranger.

Once you’ve found your financial consultant, you’ll want to look for a tax professional. Most pre-retirees and retirees require more work than of an online tax filing. This is where the tax professional steps in. Any RMD uncertainties that your financial consultant isn’t sure about can be answered with assurance by the tax professional. A CPA will know the ins and outs of accounting and taxes, making it much easier to plan your taxes, rather than work with what you have. You can tax plan for 5, 10, 15, or even 30 years. This has the potential to save tens of thousands in taxes!

Another important member of your squad should be an estate-planning attorney. They’ll help put your legacy goals into action. Need a Will, Healthcare Directive, or Power of Attorney? Look no further! By coordinating with your financial consultant and tax professional, the attorney can design a plan ensuring it meets the current laws.

Insurance may not be for everyone, but many people can benefit from it. Finding the right licensed insurance producer is crucial when purchasing a policy. Life insurance can be used for many reasons such as protecting your financial dependents and family, retirement income, and tax-free investing. Your insurance producer can recommend specific types and amounts based on your lifestyle and future needs. They can also explain the different types of life insurance and help determine, which, if any, is right for you. Many financial consultants are insurance producers, meaning no middleman! 

Most expert professionals have many other clients and may not be able to help you as quickly as you’d like. A client services coordinator can help! This person will be your go-to with any needs. While some consider this a luxury, it can help keep you at ease and ensure your requests are fulfilled promptly.

Now that you know the ingredients, get to cooking! Finding someone to trust with your retirement plan is difficult. Look for a financial consultant and ask for recommendations. Or, rather than bounce around the state to complete your retirement plan, try a practice with all the professionals in one. At RGA, we have all the above to offer so you don’ worry. Our team communicates on the back-end to design a retirement plan that works for you! Our holistic approach allows for a faster turnaround and more efficient result. Schedule a time to chat about what we offer and how we can potentially help you! Click the link below, call 1-800-467-8152, or email