Thank You To Our Front-line Heroes!

Happy National Nurse’s Day!

Nurses are always here for us and have been for centuries. As the job of nurses continues to evolve, our appreciation of their dedication and hard-work is constantly growing. Before the pandemic, most Americans acknowledged the long-hours, stressful work-environment, and risk these healthcare heroes take on, but now nearly all of America truly understands and appreciates the sacrifices nurses make every day.

Nurses: Thank you for your unwavering commitment to protect us. For always putting your patients before yourself. For setting aside any and all differences in order to help us. For putting your health in jeopardy to save that of others.

To be able to walk alongside another person during their greatest moments of vulnerability requires a special type of selflessness and strength most people do not possess. This profession is one of the most essential, impactful, rewarding types of work. Still, nurses go into battle every day. They are on the front lines of care, and if they’re lucky, they emerge unharmed – but more often, nurses end up with physical and emotional battle scars.

It’s no wonder that nurses have ranked as the most ethical and honest profession for the past 18 years. Thank you for being at the forefront of patient care. Thank you for innovation, creativity, and compassion that has shaped the profession and our modern healthcare system. The care and commitment of the nurse are just as important as any medication. Words do not do justice to how passionately we are and how truly appreciative we are but we thank YOU.


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