Ultimate Stock App Guide

by | Oct 3, 2019 | News | 0 comments


Nowadays, you can do anything on your phone. Order dinner? Yup! See your family across the world without leaving your couch? You bet! With accessibility on the rise, why not track the stock exchange from the comfort of your smartphone? Check out these stock apps so you can keep up with the market.

Apple Stock

If you have an iPhone, then this app should already be installed on your phone. The app is fairly simple, leaving out the bells and whistles. However, simple is for those who don’t want to mess around with complicated processes. You can add stocks to the home page of the app and that’s where all the information will stay. It’s that easy. Short on time but need to stay up to date? Add the app to the notification screen for a quick market update! This app creates data from the stocks’ app reporting feature. Apple Stock is only available on iOS— sorry Android users!

Yahoo! Finance

This free app is more customizable and offers several features. You can add stocks to a watchlist and get real-time quotes making it perfect for buyers on the go. The app also has interactive full-screen charts to compare stocks. Many reviews rave about the simple maneuverability of the app—something we can all appreciate. Because the app is straightforward, you can easily track the progress of your own portfolio’s performance.

Stocks Live

This app offers unlimited watch lists with the ability to have thousands of stocks in one convenient list. You’ll see a heat map of the market, view over 100 news feeds, and can sync and back up your portfolio and watch lists to iCloud. Want to search and track stocks, ETFsmutual funds, indexes, and world currencies on-the-go? Stocks Live offers that and much more for free. Many users boast about the instinctual features of the app. If you have any troubles, this app has extended support hours and ample customer service.

Stocks Ratings

Want a little help choosing stocks for your portfolio? This free app can help you figure out when to buy, hold, and sell stocks. It offers daily analyst of upgrades, downgrades, and new coverage every day the market is open. You’ll also be able to stay up to date on earnings announcements and dividend news—you won’t miss a thing! This app tracks the NASDAQ, NYSE, Toronto Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange, so you’ll be able to stay informed with global economics.


There are many options for tracking the market on your phone. Most apps are useful, it just boils down to your personal preference. If you’re looking for something simple and easy to navigate, the Apple Stock or Stocks Ratings app might be for you. Want something with more perks? Stocks Live or Yahoo! Finance would be a better option.

Have you tried a market tracking app before? Do you have a stock tracking app you love? Need help picking an app to use? We’re here for any of your financial needs—call 1.800.467.8152 or email ifno@ronaldgelok.com so we can help answer your market questions!